The simplest case is to create an *.php file and add HTML inside it. The page title will be set to script name converted to camel case. For output of dynamic content, use normal PHP escape sequences:

<h1>Happy new year <?= date('Y') ?>, <?= $name ?>!</h1>

        printf("<h1>Happy new year %d, %s!</h1>\n", date('Y'), $name); 

Plain HTML

If dynamic content is not used, then a simple view is essential the same as an ordinary HTML-page, except for using the *.php extension to be recognized as a target for the dispatcher.

Parent class inheritance

Because the view is wrapper inside a view class by dispatcher.php, all methods and properties of the parent class are accessible from within the simple view page:


if ($this->params->hasParam('year')) {
        printf("Happy new year %d, %s", 

The framework (uup-site) injects the $config and $session objects into the view process global scope so they can be readily used without using i.e. $this->session.