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  1. What should be done to introduce a new system administrator at BMC?     [jump in page]   2019-04-09
  2. What are the recommendations for buying a new mac?     [jump in page]   2019-04-09
  3. How do I order a standard computer?     [jump in page]   2019-04-08
  4. What is Rrsync (restricted rsync)? How do I access PCFS storage over rsync?     [jump in page]   2019-03-14
  5. How do I map a network drive via SMB on Windows?     [jump in page]   2019-03-08
  6. How do I connect to a file server via SMB on macOS?     [jump in page]   2019-03-01
  7. What is the BMC-IT computer platform and how does it work?     [jump in page]   2019-02-28
  8. We have a server, where should we put it?     [jump in page]   2019-02-25
  9. My Windows computer is running out of storage. What is using it?     [jump in page]   2019-02-13
  10. Where do I store my data? How do I take backup?     [jump in page]   2019-01-22
  11. What about the GDPR?     [jump in page]   2019-01-11
  12. How do I take backup of the data on my computer?     [jump in page]   2019-01-11
  13. Do you have a virtual machine (server) I can use?     [jump in page]   2019-01-11
  14. We need more storage! Do you have a file server we can use?     [jump in page]   2019-01-11
  15. How do I mount my home directory or shared storage at HNAS?     [jump in page]   2018-12-21
  16. How does the new Adobe Creative Cloud Named license model work?     [jump in page]   2018-12-10
  17. How do I connect to storage at Argos?     [jump in page]   2018-11-15
  18. How do I manage access to a group storage at Argos?     [jump in page]   2018-11-15
  19. How do I order a group storage at Argos?     [jump in page]   2018-11-15
  20. How do I order a personal storage at Argos?     [jump in page]   2018-11-15
  21. How do I send a large file to someone outside (or inside) the university?     [jump in page]   2018-10-16
  22. What do I do with old computers or phones?     [jump in page]   2018-08-29
  23. What are the bitrates for different digital video quality?     [jump in page]   2018-06-13
  24. Do you have some examples of fanless computers we can buy?     [jump in page]   2018-06-05
  25. How to use the IBM Spectrum Protect (Tivoli Storage Manager aka TSM)     [jump in page]   2018-06-04
  26. What is ransomware and CryptoLocker?     [jump in page]   2018-03-23
  27. How do you secure delete data from the computers and servers?     [jump in page]   2018-01-11
  28. After my employment at the university has finished, may I bring home my old computer?     [jump in page]   2018-01-11
  29. How do I get deduplication to work in Linux?     [jump in page]   2017-12-12
  30. My Android device is running out of storage. What is using it?     [jump in page]   2017-12-12
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  32. What service levels does BMC-IT have compared to others at the university?     [jump in page]   2017-08-23
  33. Why use the university central storage (HNAS)?     [jump in page]   2017-08-16
  34. What is the cost of a PC file server?     [jump in page]   2017-06-02
  35. My mailbox is full! What do I do?     [jump in page]   2017-05-31
  36. How do I access my home directory?     [jump in page]   2016-10-10
  37. How do the different types of storage compare to each other?     [jump in page]   2016-06-23

1. What should be done to introduce a new system administrator at BMC?

There are several different systems a new employee may get access to. This is not a complete list of all systems that should be given access to but rather a list of external systems that one should at least be aware of.

Some of these things have to be done before an employee start.

Some of this applies to more than just BMC so you are more than welcome to take a look. Please let us know if there are things we are missing.

Personal computer and work space

Get an office. Chair, table, network. Do you need an ergonomic adjustable table? Make a raid down to the BMC campus office supply cabinet and get some pens, a notebook, a scissor and other office stuff that you might need.

If you have a Mac, get an external hard drive to run local Time Machine backups.

Get a standard PC and/or Mac up and running with the standard installation. When you have a UU account, make sure you are a local administrator.

If you need to, get two USB-sticks, one with Windows (with MDT) and one with latest macOS so that you can reinstall computers. Be familiar with the instructions regarding reinstallation of Windows and macOS.

There is a Mac installation server available on the BMC-Data network. There is a PXE boot menu available on almost all networks where legacy (not UEFI) installations of Windows can be done. Also basic network boot options for installing CentOS, installing Ubuntu and running Memtest86 etc are available there.

Configure the computer to work with eduroam and duPrint. Make sure it works.

Order a home directory at My Rudbeck and use the Medfarm voucher to get it for free. Make sure you can access this storage on your computer.

Try out Filr the file sync system. Install the Filr client on your computer. Understand where data is stored. Make sure you can access the data both via Filr and directly.

Let your boss order a phone, either fixed phone or mobile.

Activate your access to the VPN service by following the instructions.

Work clothing

You may get your own fancy BMC/UU hoodie at Grolls. Or whatever work clothing you need for doing your job.

Administrator access

Apply for administrator access to the Local IT organisation in the Active Directory. This will control access to USER.UU.SE\BMC and USER.UU.SE\LocalIT\BMCI in the Active Directory. The terminalserver to use is called

The group BMC Computing Department in USER-AD (sorry for the odd name of this group) control some access to different systems, including the file share \\\BMCIT-Common aka \\USER.UU.SE\BMCI\Common.

The Zenworks system for management of Windows (just FYI)

The Munki system for managemnt of Mac (just FYI)

The Symantec server (just FYI).

Physical access

You need an employee key card. This will grant access to the corridors at BMC but not to other campuses.

You need a key to your office. Almost all offices at BMC campus management share the same lock and key.

After instructions, you may get access to the BMC computer room at D11:0.

The cross connect cabinets of BMC are locked with a special key which could be granted access via the BMC-administration if needed. There exists an extra key in the Nyckelpiga at the basement so one do not need a physical key all the time.

Network management systems

There are some network administrative systems that one should be aware of and maybe given access. This includes:

  1. NetDB (for IP / VLAN / Mac / Switch-port information) (Ask Netsupport for access)
  2. NetReg (for Vlan and router and router filter configuration)
  3. Bluecat (the IPAM system for DNS DHCP information) (Ask Servicedesk for access)


Login at Medarbetarportalen. Here you can find for example:

  1. Sympa - mailing list server. You may want to join these mailing lists:
    Someone at BMC-IT have to add you to:
    You will be automatically added to:
  2. Primula Web - wage, vacation, sick leave, parental leave etc.
  3. Product Web - procurement
  4. Progdist - software licence server
  5. Akka-self service - how to change password and create guest accounts
  6. eduPrint - the printing system
  7. EasIT - the helpdesk system. This is the tool to handle support requests.

Documentation to read

Read the docs in the FAQ at and SOPs at You do not have to read everything but it is good to have an idea of what it is. Of special interest may be how to reinstall computers with Windows and macOS.

There are more docs at the INV-Common share as well.

Take a look at the central IT helpdesk documentation at

Take a look at the environment and security web pages at BMC. Make sure you know the way to the recycle rooms and to the container for the combustible fraction.

New employee introduction

The university has intrductions to new employees. Book in the next scheduled event!

Wellness, waste and environment at BMC

There are a gym, table tennis room, showers and sauna at BMC. Read more at BMC - health. Please note that employees at Uppsala University get a small wellness subsidy every year which can be used for gym membership and other similar activites. Also when job allows you may have one hour of wellness activities every week on paid time.

There are a couple of in-service bikes at BMC, two normal and two are electical. Lend them at the reception.

In order to learn on how to handle waste on BMC, please read the documentation.

Please note that no smoking is allowed closer than 15 meters from any university entrance.

Welcome! :-)

2. What are the recommendations for buying a new mac?

See also: How do I order a standard computer?
See also: What's the name of the connector?

Background information

Apple has switched to using only USB-C as interface for their MacBooks, which means that old adapters no longer work. There are adapters that convert to USB-C, but the cost is about the same as getting new ones, so we suggest that you replace the adapters to follow Apple's recommendations.

You should think about whether you want a docking station on your desk or not. It reduces the number of adapters you need to connect each day. You probably need one or more adapters anyway (e.g. Apple Multiadapter HDMI and/or VGA) for your computer bag, for when you have to present something and need to connect the computer to a projector.

In addition to this, Mac users should always have an external hard drive that backs up the entire computer with TimeMachine. This hard drive should always be connected to the computer on the desk and then stored in a safe place when not in use. Don't bring it when travelling!

Please note that all prices mentioned below are subject to change!


We recommend at least Intel Core i5 with 16 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD storage or better.

Display adapters

Docking station

Network adapters

If you don’t want a docking station you need a network adapter to connect to the department network.




External disk

To use with local TimeMachine backup