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  1. How do I find specific files like the last updated, the one with the longest file name, or the largest one?     [jump in page]   2020-01-27
  2. What are the recommendations for buying a new mac?     [jump in page]   2020-01-16
  3. Should I upgrade to the latest version of macOS?     [jump in page]   2019-10-09
  4. How do I check if my macOS application is a 32- or 64-bit application?     [jump in page]   2019-10-09
  5. What do I do with old computers or phones?     [jump in page]   2019-08-27
  6. Backing up via Rsync to ZFS or Btrfs snapshots     [jump in page]   2019-07-12
  7. What should be done to introduce a new system administrator at BMC?     [jump in page]   2019-07-10
  8. We need more storage! Do you have a file server we can use?     [jump in page]   2019-07-10
  9. How does the reinstallation of Windows computers work at BMC-IT?     [jump in page]   2019-07-05
  10. How do I uninstall old Adobe software and remove old license information?     [jump in page]   2019-06-05
  11. How do I take backup of the data on my computer?     [jump in page]   2019-05-29
  12. GraphPad Prism, what does it cost?     [jump in page]   2019-05-16
  13. How do I connect a private computer to the department network?     [jump in page]   2019-05-08
  14. What is Argos?     [jump in page]   2019-05-03
  15. How do I print to eduPrint using LPD on macOS?     [jump in page]   2019-04-26
  16. How do I print to eduPrint using SMB on macOS?     [jump in page]   2019-04-26
  17. How do I set up eduPrint for a Linux server?     [jump in page]   2019-04-26
  18. Can't print in color with eduPrint from my mac.     [jump in page]   2019-03-22
  19. How do I install anti-virus software on macOS?     [jump in page]   2019-03-18
  20. How do I access my scans for eduPrint in Linux?     [jump in page]   2019-03-11
  21. How do I read my mail on macOS?     [jump in page]   2019-03-05
  22. How do I uninstall the anti-virus software on macOS?     [jump in page]   2019-03-05
  23. How do I connect to a file server via SMB on macOS?     [jump in page]   2019-03-01
  24. How do I use port forwarding and SOCKS-proxy in SSH?     [jump in page]   2019-02-05
  25. How do I send bulk mail?     [jump in page]   2019-01-25
  26. Where do I store my data? How do I take backup?     [jump in page]   2019-01-22
  27. How do I mount my home directory or shared storage at HNAS?     [jump in page]   2018-12-21
  28. How to connect with VPN using AnyConnect in macOS?     [jump in page]   2018-12-20
  29. How do I make all users local administrators on macOS?     [jump in page]   2018-12-19
  30. How do I exclude folders in the anti-virus scan?     [jump in page]   2018-12-19
  31. What is my IP-address and MAC-address?     [jump in page]   2018-12-19
  32. EndNote error says "Error reading records.", when I do an online search in PubMed.     [jump in page]   2018-12-11
  33. What is the cost for EndNote? What is Zotero? And Pages?     [jump in page]   2018-10-15
  34. How do I sign my documents with an electronic signature?     [jump in page]   2018-10-05
  35. How do I install Ubuntu?     [jump in page]   2018-09-06
  36. How do I install Adobe CC Complete (Photoshop, Illustrator...) in Windows?     [jump in page]   2018-06-11
  37. How do I send mail from a shell script in Linux and macOS?     [jump in page]   2018-06-04
  38. How do I change the Mac computer name, host name and NetBIOS-name?     [jump in page]   2018-06-04
  39. How to transfer web hosting for a domain     [jump in page]   2018-06-04
  40. How do I compare the content of two directories?     [jump in page]   2018-06-04
  41. How do I convert an image from RGB to CMYK?     [jump in page]   2018-06-04
  42. How do I convert EPS to PDF in Windows and macOS?     [jump in page]   2018-06-04
  43. What should I think about when adding my own network printer?     [jump in page]   2018-05-31
  44. I would like SPSS on my computer.     [jump in page]   2018-05-30
  45. How do I change default settings for a printer in macOS?     [jump in page]   2018-05-23
  46. How do I add a macOS printer at IMBIM?     [jump in page]   2018-05-22
  47. Should I upgrade to macOS Yosemite?     [jump in page]   2018-05-18
  48. How do I add the Korint IPP printer in macOS?     [jump in page]   2018-05-18
  49. How do I install PyMOL?     [jump in page]   2018-03-29
  50. How do I buy a new computer?     [jump in page]   2018-03-23
  51. How do I merge documents with Preview in macOS?     [jump in page]   2018-01-10
  52. What is the point with the zone     [jump in page]   2017-12-07
  53. How do I find the serial number on macOS?     [jump in page]   2017-11-22
  54. Print using locked print on macOS     [jump in page]   2017-08-16
  55. How much memory does my Mac have? Can I get more? How much do I need?     [jump in page]   2017-08-16
  56. There is a problem with my screen     [jump in page]   2017-08-16
  57. How do snapshots in the HNAS file server work?     [jump in page]   2017-06-22
  58. I have installed R in another location. How do I use it in a script?     [jump in page]   2017-06-22

1. How do I find specific files like the last updated, the one with the longest file name, or the largest one?

See also: How do I compare the content of two directories?
These tools work on Linux (Ubuntu/CentOS/etc) and probably on macOS too.

Find the most recently updated file

Here is a small script that displays the most recently updated files in a directory. In the example this FAQ entry was the most recently updated!

$ find . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 -P 1 stat --format '%Y :%y %n' | sort -nr | cut -d: -f2- | head -3 2018-04-27 08:55:47.517999369 +0200 ./last.updated.file.txt 2018-04-27 08:54:07.277999790 +0200 ./last.updated.file.txt~ 2018-04-27 08:51:50.658000281 +0200 ./compare.directories.txt $ _

Find the most recently accessed file

This small script does the same, but looks for the most recently accessed file instead.

Please note that this may or may not work on different file systems. For example a network file system may be mounted noatime which means that the last accessed information is not stored. It requires a meta-data write for every accessed file which affect performance.

$ find . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 -P 1 stat --format '%X :%x %n' | sort -nr | cut -d: -f2- | head -1 2020-01-27 09:30:03.320448622 +0100 ./#last.updated.file# $ _

Find the number of files and the file with the longest file name

This little script display the number of files in the current directory, the character length of the longest file name and the name of that file. There were in total 219 files and the longest filename has 49 characters in the path was ./

$ find . -type f | awk 'BEGIN{N=0} {N=N+1; if ( length > L ) { L=length ;s=$0 } }END{ print N" "L" "s }' 219 49 ./ $ _

Find the files with the longest file names

This little snippet just find print the files with the longest names:

$ find . -type f | while read ; do echo ${#REPLY} $REPLY ; done | sort -nr | head -3 45 ./ 33 ./ 30 ./win.default.printer.settings $ _

Find the largest files

This will list the largest files. It will print a list of all files, in parallell do a stat on them, sort the list and then print the largest ones.

$ find . -print0 -type f | xargs -0 stat -c "%s %n" | sort -rn | head -3 23637 ./network.8021x 20285 ./platform 18051 ./ $ _

2. What are the recommendations for buying a new mac?

See also: How do I order a standard computer?
See also: What's the name of the connector?

General information
Always talk to UIT before ordering a computer. That way, we minimize the risk of problems after the products have been delivered.

Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP)
The university is part of Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP). When ordering a new macOS computer, you also need to order a DEP registration. To add a computer to the university Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) you need to place an order in Produktwebben.

About accessories
Apple has switched to using only USB-C as interface for their MacBooks, which means that old adapters no longer work. There are adapters that convert to USB-C, but the cost is about the same as getting new ones, so we suggest that you replace the adapters to follow Apple's recommendations.

You should think about whether you want a docking station on your desk or not. It reduces the number of adapters you need to connect each day. You probably need one or more adapters anyway (e.g. Apple Multiadapter HDMI and/or VGA) for your computer bag, for when you have to present something and need to connect the computer to a projector.

In addition to this, Mac users should always have an external hard drive that backs up the entire computer with TimeMachine. This hard drive should always be connected to the computer on the desk and then stored in a safe place when not in use. Don't bring it when travelling!

Please note that all prices mentioned below are subject to change!

We recommend at least Intel Core i5 with 16 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD storage or better.

Display adapters

Docking station

Network adapters

If you don’t want a docking station you need a network adapter to connect to the department network.



Mouse and trackpad

External disk

To use with local TimeMachine backup