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11. How do I add an article or a paper from an online database to Zotero?

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Go to the online database

Find the online database that you would like to use via the university library website. Go to: and search for it.

Search for the database (in this case PubMed).

The search result for the databas is shown at the top of the list. Click on the database name to go to the online database.

Search the online database

Do a search in the database to find the paper you’re looking for.

Save the reference to Zotero either by clicking on the Zotero connector (for Firefox) in the top right corner or by copying the PubMed ID at the lower left corner and search for it in Zotero.

The University library regularly provides courses on the reference management software Zotero and Mendeley.

They also provide a citation guide.


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