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143. How do I uninstall the Zenworks agent?

See also: What is ZENworks? How to I install applications via ZENworks application window?

Zenworks is used for these major reasons:

  1. Do automatic installation of software and settings when the computer is deployed. Some of the effort in this is shared all over the university.
  2. May be used for remote interactive control by user request.
  3. Self-service installation of software by the users, even without local administrator privileges, and far away from the university network over the Internet.
  4. Do inventory. This may save a lot of time when we really need to find out exactly how many copies of a certain program are installed on the computers.

The Zenworks agent load on the computer is not much on a modern computer, but if the computer is very old and slow there are a chance to notice a performance impact. In this case you might want to uninstall the Zen agent even though this will increase the load of your local IT-support. There are often other better ways of speeding up the computer:

  1. Make sure the computer has enough RAM. Upgrade to at least 8 GB RAM so that all programs fit in memory.
  2. Replace HDD with SSD. Solid state drives are a lot faster than rotating hard disk drives.
  3. Reinstall Windows. Windows-computers seem to get slower and slower over time. An extreme example was Windows Update in Windows XP that got glacially slow over time. This has been improved with later versions of Windows but it still exists.

In the Zenworks console

Anyway. The Zenworks agent is protected from uninstallation by the settings in Zenworks. A system administrator (contact has to open the client in the Zenworks console, open Settings, open Device Management, open Zenworks Agent, choose Override the System settings and enable the option Allow users to uninstall the ZENworks Adaptive Agent.

On the computer

  1. You have to be local administrator on the computer.
  2. Refresh the Zenworks agent in the task bar.

  3. Then on the computer open Programs and Features

  4. Find the Zenworks client and choose uninstall.

  5. Check the box Local uninstallation only.

  6. Do not keep anything. Do not retain CASA.

  7. Ok, go ahead...

  8. Wait for the Zenworks Uninstaller to complete.

  9. It will probably complain about not being able to remove everyting, but just go ahead and restart when done.

  10. Uninstall done.


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