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56. What is ZENworks? How to I install applications via ZENworks application window?

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Distribution and installation of software

Micro Focus ZENworks is a computer management software.

The most used feature of ZENworks is the ZENworks application window where anyone can easily install software on client computers.

  1. Open ZENworks Application Window

  2. Start any program. If it is the first time you have to wait for the installation to finish.

Remote management session request

ZENworks can make a remote management session request, which makes it possible to do directly cooperative control of a client. The client has to make the request. (This is done together with a phone call to the person the request is sent to and not a way to initiate a request, because the listener has to be started a the other end first.)

  1. Open ZENworks Show Properties

  2. Open General under Remote Management.
  3. Open Request Remote Management Session.

Prerequisite for installing ZENworks Adaptive Agent

If you want to run ZENworks client on a computer that has not been preinstalled by BMC-IT, you have to make sure of this first:

  1. The computer has to be owned by the university.
  2. Name the computer like XXX-SERIALNUMBER for example INV-CZC133F3 for a computer with the serial number CZC133F3 at the Department of Neuroscience. This makes it easier to identify the computers.
  3. Take a backup.
  4. Install client. Ask for help with this.

Blissful ZENworking!


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