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Manage your Xibo display
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214. Install Xibo client on local computer for testing

See also: How do I access my work-computer from home?
See also: Manage your Xibo display
  1. Save MSI-package.

  2. Run it and follow the wizard.

  3. Accept Xibo license.

  4. Go ahead with default path.

  5. Run the installation. You need to be local administrator.

  6. Enter the magic key for register the display (which you get by contacting Xibo administrator)

  7. Register with an appropriate name:

  8. Wait for a Xibo administrator will register the display.

  9. This is how an unregistered display looks when the Xibo client is running:

  10. For the next step the Xibo administrator needs the register the display by pressing Edit on the display and save in the Xibo web interface.


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