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146. How to setup a Xibo-client for signage

See also: Install Xibo client on local computer for testing
See also: Manage your Xibo display

In order to publish data on Xibo it is best to setup a Xibo client on your own computer or dedicated computer to play with. Preferably use one screen to change the content and another screen to view the work.

  1. Here is the Xibo homepage and the Xibo project homepage at launchpad.
  2. Download the Xibo client. Currently 1.4.2 is used on BMC. Go to all versions go to next and to the Xibo 1.4.2 "Brorsen" release. Download client for Windows or Ubuntu.
    Direct link to xibo-client-1.4.2-win32-x86.msi for Windows.


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