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How to change language in Windows 7 Enterprise

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83. How to change language in Windows 10 Enterprise

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Please follow the instructions from Microsoft to Add and switch input and display language preferences in Windows 10.

There is however a way of doing this (or at least some of this) on the command line (by using International Settings Cmdlets in Windows PowerShell. Try this:

  1. Start a command prompt window with cmd as administrator.

  2. First start the Powershell:


  3. Then run this command to change the Windows system locale (language) to English:

    Set-WinSystemLocale en-US

  4. If you want you can change the current user langauge settings with this command: (This will for example change the keyboard and as far as I understand default everything to en-US. This may not be what you want.)

    Set-WinUserLanguageList en-US

  5. Restart the computer:

    shutdown /r /t 0

Change to Swedish by using sv-SE instead of en-US.


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