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31. How do I check time more frequently in Windows 10?

The default for Windows 10 seems to be to sync the time every hour. If there is a clock skew Windows should adjust to that but the poll interval can be adjusted. Run this in a command prompt as an administrator in Windows 10:

reg add HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\W32Time\TimeProviders\NtpClient /v SpecialPollInterval /t Reg_dword /d 600 /f net stop w32time net start w32time

If you want to log what is going on you can add the debug log like this:

w32tm /debug /enable /file:C:\windows\temp\w32time.log /size:10000000 /entries:0-3000

The debug log will then be C:\windows\temp\w32time.log.

If you just want to resync the time again then run this command:

w32tm /resync


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