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113. How do I really delete a directory and files in Windows?

See also: How do I copy many files in Windows using Robocopy?
See also: How do I start an elevated command prompt (as administrator) in Windows?
  1. Start a command prompt as a local administrator.
  2. Change directory to the one above the directory you want to delete.
  3. Fix permissions.
  4. Delete files (this should not be needed...)
  5. Delete directories

    cd "c:\my stuff" attrib /s /d -s -h -r "to delete" del /f /s /q "to delete" rmdir /s /q "to delete"

  6. If this do not work also try to take ownership of the directory and full control in the ACLs and then delete again:

    takeown /f "to delete" /r /d y icacls "to delete" /grant %username%:F /T


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