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66. Do you have a virtual machine (server) I can use?

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If you need computer resources for high-performance computing (HPC) we recommend that you contact UPPMAX where you can apply for plenty of resources in the shared multiuser environment.

If you need help contact and we can guide you.

Rudbeck-IT VMware

Rudbeck-IT have a a highly-available VMware ESX environment. Anyone at the university can rent a server.

The rate will be 3500 SEK/year for a basic server with 100 GB disk, 4 GB RAM and 2 cores. (2018-02-08)

Contact if you are interested.



The UADM IT-division (UUIT) has a highly-available VMware ESX environment where anyone at the university can rent a server.

The current rate is 5000 SEK/year. This includes 50 GB disk. Disk is available for 6000 SEK/TB/year or 13000 SEK/TB/year depending on class (speed & availability) (2017-10-18)

Contact at IT-division to order a virtual server.

SUNET OpenStack

SUNET is offering virtual machines using OpenStack with KVM and Ceph. Role-based access control via SWAMID. Contact them for more information.

The costs are more based on the resources used than the UUIT offer above. Direct link to price list here.

SNIC Science Cloud

SNIC Science Cloud (SSC) is a national cloud computing infrastructure run by the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC).

Read more at the home page for SNIC Science Cloud. Read introduction to the SNIC Science Cloud.


Several other department and local campuses have virtual machine environments that you already have payed for or are paying for. Check what your campus have. Please see the FAQ regarding computer platforms.


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