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46. How do I install anti-virus software on macOS?

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Contact for advice.

All computers have to run adequate anti-virus software according to the rules at Uppsala University.

We recommend Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP). Licenses for this are in most cases payed for by the department, but you must notify BMC-IT if you install on your own so that we know what is going on. Notify BMC-IT by mailing to

The server is run by Polacksbacken campus for the whole of the university for those who like to cooperate on this.

For this to work your computer host name must follow the Uppsala University naming scheme. This is first a three-letter-ancronym for the department, then a dash and then your serial number (or some unique identifier, if not using your serial number let us know) so that when we receive a warning we can identify the computer. As an example, a computer may be named BMC-07JD0NADJD3.

How to install

First the preparation:

  1. Make sure your computer host name follow the Uppsala University naming scheme.
  2. Notify BMC-IT what you are doing by mailing Send the name of the computer.
  3. You must be located on the Uppsala University network or connect via VPN.

Then the actual installation:

  1. Open the server smb:// in Finder
  2. Open Public
  3. Open Public Installation Files
  4. Open Symantec_Endpoint_Protection_version_14.0.2332.0100_English for Mac (ANG) Pick the directory with this or the latest version number!
  5. Download Symantec_Endpoint_Protection_version_14.0.2332.0100_English.pkg by copying it to your local computer (for example the Desktop). Pick the package with this or the latest version number!
  6. Open the package and do the installation.
  7. Reboot computer.
  8. Start application Symantec Endpoint Protection and make sure it is working as it should.

Configurations you might want to do:

Turn off notifications
(For the computer only. A report will still be sent to the server in case there is a virus found.)

  1. Click on "Notifications" in the top right corner of Finder.

  2. Click on the settings icon in the bottom right corner.

  3. Scroll down to "Symantec" in the left pane ad click on it.

  4. Choose "None" as Symantec alert style (or another style of your choice).


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