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62. How do I use the UUPEL repository?

The Uppsala University Packages for Enterprise Linux (UUPEL) is a very small public repository aimed for collecting some of the extra packages we need at BMC at Uppsala University.

This is how to activate the repository for Centos 7:

yum -y install

To use the repository you just use yum as normal:

yum -y install kmod-arcmsr btrfs-backup

Building process

Currently the build host is a server running CentOS 7 at BMC-IT. These steps are done by BMC-IT.

  1. Do the changes to the sources... Check out of SVN, download, edit, whatever.

    emacs -nw rpmbuild/SOURCES/

  2. Update the version number of the RPM specification.

    emacs -nw rpmbuild/SPECS/btrfs-backup.spec

  3. The last step is just a script that copies the RPMs to the repository and then build new repository index files.


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