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179. Add a printer in Ubuntu 14.04

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  1. Find System Settings.

  2. Open System Settings

  3. Open Printers in System Settings

  4. Add a New Printer

  5. Expand the Network tree and see if it is browsable. Choose a way to connect. It usually does not matter. If the printer has dynamic DHCP (different IP from time to time) then use DNS-SD (Bonjour).

  6. Many printers are automatically found correct drivers for, but if not, see if you can find it in the driver database. You need to know:
    • Manufacturer
    • Model
    • Perhaps the IP-address of the printer

  7. If not found automatically, pick Maker

  8. If not found automatically, pick Model

  9. Give it a name. We recommend room number and model.

  10. Ok! Lets go! Print Test Page and press Ok.

  11. Done!


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