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72. How do I install Ubuntu?

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This is documentation for a network installation of Ubuntu.

You can always do a manuall installation. Just download the DVD from Ubuntu and install. Skip a few steps in the instructions below.

  1. Netboot the computer, usually by pressing F12 at BIOS boot time.
  2. In the PXE-boot men, start the latest and greatest Ubuntu installation. For example type uwEnter to begin a text installation of Ubuntu 15.04 Wily x64:
       uw       Ubuntu 15.04 Wily x64
  3. Step through the text installation. Activate automatic updates.
  4. If you want to keep the Windows installation, if there is one on the computer, you can resize the existing partitions.
  5. You can choose several different desktop environments, but I recommend to begin with the standard Ubuntu desktop. This is how the Xubuntu desktop looks like:

  6. If you install in VirtualBox, remember to install the VirtualBox Guest Additions to enable shared clipboard and files between the host and guest OS.
    1. The CD is mounted automatically by VirtualBox. If everything works fine Ubuntu will find the CD and ask you for permission to install the guest additions. Just go ahead.
    2. Otherwise, tro to mount the CD via the menu in VirtualBox with Devices - Insert Guest Additions CD image.... Continue as above.
    3. And finally if the autorun does not execute but the CD has been mounted, you can manually run the installation:
      jerker@computer:~$ cd /media/jerker/VBOXADDITIONS_4.3.28_1003095
      jerker@computer:/media/jerker/VBOXADDITIONS_4.3.28_1003095$ sudo ./
  7. Wait until finished and then reboot the virtual machine.


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