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165. What is the cost of a PC file server?

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Please note! BMC-IT has a PC storage solution service. Read more in the SOP - Common service PC file server. Also note that for home directories we recommend using the IT-division HNAS file server.

These are examples of the costs of buying and maintaining a PC file server. The example below includes a server from Supermicro and one from HP. HP includes on-site support, Supermicro do not. Please note that TSM-backup is not included in these figures! (Prices updated in September 2016.)

This is a Supermicro file server with enterprise drives. Includes ship-in support from Southpole.

Normal HP file server with enterprise drives, three year next business day on-site support from HP.

This is a Supermicro file server with archive drices.

Cost of a rack unit per year: 1250 (full rack) or 2000 (single machine) SEK
Number of rack units in the server room:
(If no new space is needed, set a 0 here)
Cost for the server with no drives: SEK
The number of drives: drives
Size of the drives: TB
Number of years to run the server
Cost of each drive: SEK
The number of working hours spent each year:
(system administration and support)
The cost of a working hour: SEK/h
The part of the raw storage that is usable:
(RAID6 (two parity drives) on five drives equals 0.6.)
usable storage factor

Purchase cost SEK.

Raw storage TB.

Usable storage TB.

Yearly cost SEK/year over years (includes everything)

Cost for raw disk SEK/TB/year.

Cost for usable storage SEK/TB/year.

Two identical file servers (one for backup using snapshots / shadow copy) would cost SEK/TB/year

Two servers (as above) and a cold standy (no drives) would cost SEK/TB/year


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