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115. How do I mount my home directory or shared storage at HNAS?

For Windows clients in USER-AD your home directory and the department common (public) share will automatically be mounted when you login using the drive letters below.

This storage is in the university shared HNAS file server. Some departments also have other storage available - contact for details.

  1. Please select your department:

    Biomedical Centre Campus Management
    Department of Cell and Molecular Biology
    Department of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology
    Department of Medical Cell Biology
    Department of Neuroscience
    Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences
    Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences
    International Science Programme (ISP)
    . . .
  2. Please enter your username here:

    PurposePlatformDFS-pathDirect path Driver letter
    Home directory for personal files Windows \\\BMCI\TLA-Users\account \\\TLA-Users$\account X:
    Mac smb:// smb://user\$/account
    Common (public) share for department,
    research groups etc.
    Windows \\\BMCI\TLA-Common \\\TLA-Common$ P:
    Mac smb:// smb://user\$
  3. Sometimes you want to mount via the command line.

    • Windows, command line version on mapping a network share:
      net use x: \\\TLA-Users$\account /user:user\account
    • macOS, command line version on how to connect to a file server:
      mkdir ~/Desktop/account
      mount_smbfs //user;$/account ~/Desktop/account
    • On Linux, command line version on how to mount a CIFS file system:
      mkdir ~/Desktop/account
      sudo mount -o username=account,domain=user -t cifs //$/account ~/Desktop/account
  4. Also read in the SOP - Connect a Mac to HNAS (v1.0).pdf or follow the links to other FAQs above on how to use the Windows Explorer or Mac Finder GUI. Remember to use the VPN if you are connecting from outside the university network.

    Connect from Mac

    Problems with accessing the shared folders

    A common problem may be that your account has not got the correct permissions called group membership in AKKA, the university catalogue. Please then contact your department administration to get this fixed.

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