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63. Where do I store my data? How do I take backup?

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The general idea is to focus on where you store your data instead of how you take backup of your data. You have to be aware of where your data is stored!

Ideally the computer should not need to be backed up - all data should be on a secure file server. If the computer breaks down it should be possible to just grab another computer, login and access the data. Most standard software and configuration should be easy to reinstall.

Where do I put my data

Make sure you store your data safely on a secure file server. Check with your IT support organisation which file server you should use. Recommended file servers are "HNAS" and "Argos".

How do I work with my data?

Mount your storage folder on your local computer and work directly with the files on the file server. If you need to access the data when not at the university, you can connect to the university network via VPN and then mount the storage folder.

Guides for connecting to the file server and mount a storage folder on your local computer:

But I need all my data on the client!

Do you really? We do not recommend this, but sometimes, this is the only solution that works. In that case:

What do I do now?

Check if your computer was backed up with Retrospect or Time Machine (over the network). These services are no longer available and if your computer was configured to use them you need to make sure your data is secured in another way:


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