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What is Argos?

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1. How do I transfer my personal files to Argos storage?

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See also: How do I order a personal storage at Argos?
See also: How do I order a group storage at Argos?
See also: How do I manage access to a group storage at Argos?

The old BMC storage service (HNAS) is outdated and will eventually be cancelled. University IT Services recommends all users to move their data to a personal storage and/or a group storage at Argos.
  1. To create your personal storage space, follow the instructions at the Rudbeck portal (if working from home you first need to connect using VPN):;How+to+order

    Most users have 100 GB of free storage. If you need more space it’s available for a fee. To expand your storage space, follow these instructions:;Managing+a+storage+space

    Info: Personal Storage have a size limit of 250 GB. If you need more, create additional Group Storage (up to 250 TB storage area).

  2. To access your personal storage, follow the instructions at the Rudbeck portal. If working from home you first need to connect using VPN.;How+to+access

  3. Windows users (Mac users can SKIP THIS STEP):
    If Offline Files is activated on your computer, the "Desktop" and "My Documents" folders are synchronized to the old server (HNAS).
    In this case it’s important that you check for sync conflicts before you move files or you could lose important data.
    Check the SyncCenter icon in the taskbar. <--- If you have this icon in your taskbar, you have Offline sync enabled on your computer!
    If it’s got warning signs there are problems that need to be fixed.
    To fix Offline sync problems: Right click on the icon and choose "View sync results" to examine and resolve the sync conflicts.
    Read more about managing Offline files and sync conflicts here:

    IMPORTANT REGARDING SYNCED COMPUTERS: If you have a Offline sync enabled computer, DO NOT SAVE ANY DOCUMENTS in "Desktop" or "My Documents", until your computer have been disconnected from the Offline sync. If you save files in those folders, they might BE DELETED when the computer disconnects from the Offline sync. To disconnect the computer you need to connect it using a network cable at UU campus, but first BMC-IT have to move your computer in AD to a "Local Storage" OU.

    INFO: If you get error messages like those below you probably need to take your computer to an UU campus (like BMC), connect the computer using a network cable, and then reboot the computer.

  4. Move your files to your new personal folder at Argos. If you leave copies (at HNAS, "Desktop" or "My Documents") it could be a source of confusion for which files are the accurate ones. They will also take up space which leads to unnecessary costs for your department.

  5. If you save files on your computers local hard drive, in example on the Desktop or in the Documents folder, they will NOT be automatically synced or backed up to Argos. If your computer crashes, breaks, or gets stolen those files could be lost forever. If you have sensitive data it could end up in the wrong hands. ALWAYS save your important files in your personal Argos folder.

    Do NOT use your local hard drive (i.e. "Desktop" or "My Documents") as your primary storage!


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