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14. We need more storage! Do you have a file server we can use?

UUIT HDS NAS file server (HNAS)

The university has a common file server service run by IT-division running Hitachi NAS called file area (filarea)

Order by contacting IT-division. Different department and groups at BMC have different policies regarding how to share the costs, so we recommend you to contact to discuss how to best proceed rather than directly contacting IT-division.

BMC-IT PC file server (PCFS)

The PC file server storage service is a cost-efficient storage solution for mostly high volume archive data. It is built of commodity PC hardware (which means the hardware can be replaced with equipment from other vendors) and open source software (no hidden costs or support agreements). This gives us freedom and a low price but it also means that we are on our own.

The concept is from around 2010 where it was used for two departments. The service was originally built in 2016 for users at BMC who do not have to own their storage but since it is self-sustained it may be used by everyone at the university.

The setup is fully documented in SOP - Install PC file server, SOP - Common service PC file server and SOP - Rsync backup to Btrfs snapshots. This means you can set up a very similar setup using the same concept on your own if you want to.

Order by contacting BMC-IT at

RBL-IT EMC Isilon file server (Argos)

(The KRT-value 231 requires Gold-level.)

Everyone at the university may use the Rudbeck-IT file servers running EMC Isilon. Technical Specifications Guide - Dell EMC Isilon OneFS and IsilonSD Edge.

For ordering please contact RBL-IT with this information:

Connect use Windows: \\\MyGroups$

Connect use Mac OSX: smb://$

Research Storage

As far as we know the research storage is an expansion of the existing storage at EPI/UADM but now available for all research users at the university.

Read the invite for testing the system in the in the document Inbjudan att testa lösningen för central lagring för forskningens ändamål UFV 2017/1843.


Uppmax has storage which is free if you have applied and been granted resources. Please go to to figure out what UPPMAX can do for you.

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