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173. My computer was stolen! What should I do?

See also: How do I buy a new computer?
See also: How do I order computer accessories and peripherals?
  1. Report to police. Call 11414. If it is not urgent you can do this online at
  2. Report to head of department.
  3. Report to Local IT. BMC-IT can be reached at
  4. Change all your passwords at the university. Go to Akka self-service.
  5. Change the passwords of all the web services you use. Many people save their passwords in the web browser.
  6. Have you used any of these on your computer - change password: Apple (iTunes), Google (Gmail), PayPal, eBay, Spotify, BankID
  7. If you are using SSH with public key authentication without password (you should not), you have to remove your old public keys from the servers where you use this authentication. (If you do not know what SSH is then skip this step.) Create new public and private keys for your new computer.
  8. If you are using a Mac, you can try to find the location of your stolen computer at iCloud. You must have activated this in the system preferences in your Mac. Login at with your Apple ID to try to find it. This only works if the computer has been online after it was stolen.
  9. Order new computer. Contact Local IT to borrow a computer while waiting. (Usually there are some old computers around. For example BMC-IT has plenty of old stationary PCs with Core 2 Duo, 3 GB RAM, mechanical HDD and 19" screens.)
  10. Remove computer from inventory at department by marking it as stolen. This requires a copy of the report to the police.
  11. Restore data from backups and/or file server.


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