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13. What are the recommendations for buying a new mac?

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Background information

Apple has switched to using only USB-C as interface for their MacBooks, which means that old adapters no longer work. There are adapters that convert to USB-C, but the cost is about the same as getting new ones, so we suggest that you replace the adapters to follow Apple's recommendations.

You should think about whether you want a docking station on your desk or not. It reduces the number of adapters you need to connect each day. You probably need one or more adapters anyway (e.g. Apple Multiadapter HDMI and/or VGA) for your computer bag, for when you have to present something and need to connect the computer to a projector.

In addition to this, Mac users should always have an external hard drive that backs up the entire computer with TimeMachine. This hard drive should always be connected to the computer on the desk and then stored in a safe place when not in use. Don't bring it when travelling!

Please note that all prices mentioned below are subject to change!


We recommend at least Intel Core i5 with 16 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD storage or better.

Display adapters

Docking station

Network adapters

If you don’t want a docking station you need a network adapter to connect to the department network.




External disk

To use with local TimeMachine backup