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60. How do I use port forwarding and SOCKS-proxy in SSH?

See also: What is VPN?
Let us assume that there is a service on a server listening to a local port 8787.

Port forwarding using PuTTY in Windows

"c:\Program Files (x86)\PuTTY\putty.exe" -L 8787:localhost:8787

PuTTY can of course also be configured using the GUI.

Port forwarding using OpenSSH in Linux and macOS

ssh -L 8787:localhost:8787

SOCKS-proxy using PuTTY in Windows

Also be aware that you can use PuTTY and OpenSSH as a SOCKS-proxy which can be used to access arbitrary ports.

"c:\Program Files (x86)\PuTTY\putty.exe" -D 9999

SOCKS-proxy using OpenSSH in Linux and macOS

ssh -D 9999

Acessing the SOCKS-proxy from the web browser

Let your web browswer be configured to use this SOCKS-proxy.

Firefox is configured in Preferences, General and Connection Settings like this:

Chrome can be started with the SOCKS-proxy as a command line argument. This example is in macOS:

open /Applications/Google\ --args --proxy-server="socks5://localhost:9999"

Will it work?

Then start the web browser and go to a web page which displays where you are connecting from.

It looks like you right now are using IP but you can go to What is my IP-address and MAC-address? in this FAQ or perhaps

In the screenshot to the right I have connected to UPPMAX over SSH and proxied my browser via that server.

This can be useful for working with the Bianca system (see step 2). Please note that you are personally responsible for fullfilling any security requirements required for your local computer, your work process or how you access the data.

Here is an example on how to on macOS connect to Bianca at UPPMAX graphically with Chrome. The first command opens a SOCKS-proxy on Rackham via SSH but do not run any command and put the process in the background. The second command start Chrome and uses that proxy.

ssh -D 8888 -N -f open /Applications/Google\ --args --proxy-server=socks5://localhost:8888

Please note that using a SSH Proxy like this will not protect your local IP from the web server due to how WebRTC is leaking the local IP. This do not protect against DNS leaks either.


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