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2. I would like SPSS on my computer.

See also: What software applications do the university have that I can install?

The current cost 2018-04-12 for SPSS is 1500 SEK/year/user. The license is per user.

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  • For macOS the installation is still manual. Send a mail to
  • If you have ZENworks and a SPSS icon in the ZENworks Application Window with SPSS in, install it from there. An automatic notification will be sent to BMC-IT who will take care of registration of license.
  • If you have ZENworks and no SPSS icon in the ZENworks Application Window, send a mail to to put it there after registration of a license.
  • If you do not have ZENworks on your computer, send a mail to to do a manual installation.

This is how to install SPSS in Windows via ZENworks and trigger license registration

  1. Open ZENworks application window and click on the SPSS 22 icon.

  2. Accept the costs involved with license registration.

  3. Wait a while for the installation to complete.

  4. You can now start SPSS from the Start menu.


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