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139. I work for another part of the university too. How can they pay for my software licenses?

See also: What software applications do the university have that I can install?

It is really easiest for everyone if just a single entity is responsible for the both the hardware and all software licenses for a computer.

External bills may easily be moved over to other parts of the university.

But internal billing, like software license bills from the university license server, are not easily splitted to other parts of the university. Therefore, that other part of the university should register and pay for the software. It will facilitate the administration.

BMC-IT can then help with installation of the software.

Do like this for software distributed via the Uppsala University license server:

  1. Make sure your research group leader (principal investigator or equivalent) are OK with spending money on this license.
  2. Register a license with the one responsible for license registration at that part of the university where the PI is active. Send a confirmation that the license is registered to BMC-IT at
  3. We at BMC-IT may then install the software.
  4. Later on, the PI will get the internal bill from the software license administration at the university, via the department (or equivalent) administration.
  5. That other part is responsible for administration of the license. In this responsibility includes renewal and termination of license subscriptions.
  6. Removal of the software is the responsibility of the other part of the university and the user. But please ask BMC-IT for help if needed.


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