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162. How to get started with SNIC Science Cloud?

See also: Do you have a virtual machine (server) I can use?
  1. First go to It should be a webpage with a menu to the left with lots of interesting information and a link To the Dashbord:

  2. If you now go to the Dashboard and follow the normal SWAMID login procedure this will show up:

  3. Create new proposal by logging into and and go to Proposals and the select SNIC Science Cloud 2017.

  4. Create the proposal and at Resources.

  5. Select Add Resource to proposal. Select the number of coins.

  6. Edit Basic Information.

  7. Select a proper SCB-code when applying.

  8. You may want to add a co-investigator. The co-investigator also has to create an account at

  9. Now we are ready to Submit.

  10. And Confirm.

  11. There are more steps here, but this is at least a beginning!


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