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2. May I have SIMCA and MODDE for Windows please?

SIMCA is software for multivariate data analysis.

Modde is software for design of experiments and optimization

The university has a site license payed for by some departments that are using SIMCA and MODDE. In practice that means that SIMCA and MODDE are not payed for initially when installed but the departments and researchgroups that are using it has to pay when the site license is renewed. For this to be fair we need to keep track of every installation of the software. The computers that are using it are also tracked via the license server.

There are Zenworks bundles for SIMCA and MODDE, so check if it is available in the ZENworks application window for you. (Otherwise, ask for it and it can be added).

The current version of SIMCA 15 is included in the license. (2018-09-20)

Contact for help with licenses or manual installation.

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