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23. May I have SIMCA and MODDE for Windows please?

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SIMCA is software for multivariate data analysis.

Modde is software for design of experiments and optimization

SIMCA and MODDE are running on the same license. The license is a user license paid using Progdist ( To run SIMCA or MODDE, first ask your license administrator to order a user license for you, then ask your local IT-support to install the software on your computer. Currently you need to use SIMCA version 15. The license server is currently handled by BMC-IT but will be moved during 2019 to central IT. The license server move will not affect your installations.

There are Zenworks bundles for SIMCA and MODDE. There are also packages for SCCM as far as we know, but ask your local IT about the installation.

The software can not be used on virtual machines (like VirtualBox or similar) due to current license limitations.

The license server for SIMCA and MODDE is running on and is listening on the ports 6201/TCP and 6200/UDP.


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