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88. How do I sign my documents with an electronic signature?

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  1. Introduction
  2. Read also
  3. Installation of Adobe Acrobat DC
    1. macOS
    2. Windows
  4. Create and sign with a self-signed electronic signature

1. Introduction

Please note that this guide allow you to create and sign with a self-signed certificate. Signing a document with this self-signed certificate will not prove that you are the one creating the signature since anyone can create a signature with your name. It is more or less the same safety as a normal signature.

2. Read also

3. Installation of Adobe Acrobat DC

If you read this and get IT-support from another organisation at UU then please mail your own helpdesk or local IT-support.

3.1 macOS

Acrobat Reader DC works fine and is free.

To get Adobe Acrobat Standard/Pro DC installed you can send a mail to

When you have ordered either Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017 or Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams - All Apps the icons will pop up in Managed Software Center. Go ahead and install.

3.2 Windows

Acrobat Reader DC is free and works fine.

Acrobat Pro is included in Adobe All Apps and or can be installed by itself.

Please ask to get Acrobat for guidance.

4. Create and sign with a self-signed electronic signature

  1. Open your PDF-document
  2. Go to the top menu Tools

  3. Go to Certificates

  4. Choose Digitally sign

  5. Now accept to pick an area where to sign and choose OK

  6. This is the first time so we must create a new digital ID by Configure Digital ID

  7. We want to Create a new digital ID and Continue. Pick the Create your own self-signed Digital ID option and then choose Continue. This means this can be easily forged, but lets assume this is what we want to do.

  8. Choose Save to File and then Continue. You can then bring the certificate with you if you want to as a file.

  9. Fill in your details and Continue

  10. Pick a new unique password and Save

  11. Choose to sign with your new certificate and Continue

  12. Enter your password and Sign

  13. Pick a new name for your document and Save

  14. View your signed document

Getting a personal certificate

  1. Please follow the instructions regarding Personal certificate at Medarbetarportalen to get your own personal certificate.
  2. Import it into (for example) Firefox.
  3. Export it from (for example) Firefox into an .p12 file. Set a password.
  4. When you sign with Acrobat, import the certificate from the file.
  5. That's it.


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