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173. What service levels does BMC-IT have compared to others at the university?

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The different organisations at the university have different level of service in order to fullfull their missions on a cost-efficient way.

UUIT (IT-division) provides highly available services for the whole university.

BMC-IT is focused on providing great services for the people at the campus and is trying to keep it simple and durable.

UPPMAX is providing the best high-performance computing environment available, but is neither focused on high-availability nor user-focused service (not the individual users, but as a collective of course).

Server room cooling Redundant with backup (BMC-hall) Non-redundant
Server room fire extinguisher Yes Yes
Server room power Dual redundant UPS. Backup diesel power generator. Dual power to each rack. Non-redundant, UPS on critical systems
Server room network Redundant routers, in general non-redundant top-of-rack switches but redundant etherchannel to clients via flexstacked switches also available Non-redundant (redundant core network)
Server room stand-by personel in-house Yes No
Server room stand-by personel external techician (power, cooling) Yes
Stand-by decision making personel, possible to order in technical personel Yes No No
Stand-by technical personel No No No
Vacation spread out so that somebody always on duty during work hours Yes Yes Yes
All systems maintained by a group (not individuals) Yes Usually, but with a primary responsible person and contact Yes (Primary and secondary contact)
Somebody among the contacts or responsble for a service always on duty. (Not vacation on the same time) Yes No No
Redundant storage systems which handle partial failure gracefully Yes (HNAS) Yes
Simple and small storage system with faster full restore No Yes (PCFS) No
Maintenance window adapted to individual user groups No Yes No


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