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27. We have a server, where should we put it?

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BMC has a server room in D11:0. The room was built in 2013 and is maintained together by the IT-division (UUIT) at the university administration (UADM) and Uppsala Biomedical Centre (BMC).


The server room is equipped with:

  • Diesel backup power generator (maintained by Akademiska Hus and tested each month)
  • Dual battery banks
  • Dual UPS
  • Dual power to each rack
  • Dual routers (called the BMC-hall-routers) each with dual connections to the university backbone routers.
  • Single switch in each rack with single power and dual EtherChannel uplink (For dual network to a single server, connect to two switches and make sure these are connected to each of the two power sources)
  • In-rack cooling (Redundant supply from both district cooling from Vattenfall and tap-water from Uppsala Vatten. Redundant cooling equipment maintained by Akademiska Hus.)
  • Gigabit ethernet to each server. Dual redundant network and higher speeds can be arranged.

The BMC-hall-router VLANs on the normal BMC-hall-switches cannot be shared with the VLANs on the router (called the BMC-router) for the rest of the building. Contact for help with network configuration for the server room.

Current rate is 60000 SEK/rack/year or 2000 SEK/U/year plus a one time fee of 5000 SEK. (This should be about the cost of production. Prices from 2015-06-05.)

For renting space in the server room, contact

Also consider renting virtual servers or using some of the shared services at the university before buying your own physical servers. Contact for renting virtual servers in the the shared VMware environment or storage. Contact UPPMAX for using the shared HPC resources for computation and storage. Contact BMC-IT for shared storage using PC file server. Check on them from time to time to see what they are up to before building something on your own to reduce the duplicated effort.


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