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79. How do I copy many files in Windows using Robocopy?

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Robocopy is a built in command line tool in Windows to copy files. when it cannot read a file because of any reason, like the file is locked or unavailable, it can retry.

Mirror a directory into another

This deletes destination files that are not in the original.

robocopy g:\myfiles h:\myarchive /MIR /R:2 /W:1

Copy a directory into another

This just copy the files.

robocopy g:\myfiles h:\myarchive /E /R:2 /W:1

If you are copying junction points in Windows you may not want to follow them in order to not loop and fill up the destination. By using /MIR instead of /E files that are not in the source will be deleted from de destination.

j: mkdir backup-2018-11-27 robocopy c:\ j:\backup-2018-11-27\ /MIR /XJ /R:1 /W:1


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