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30. How do I connect a private computer to the department network?

See also: What is my IP-address and MAC-address?
See also: How do I find the serial number on macOS?
See also: How do I change the Mac computer name, host name and NetBIOS-name?

The most common way to connect private computers to the university network is to use the wireless network Eduroam. Read more about Eduroam on the central university support pages. Printing is done via eduPrint.

Some departments allow connecting private computers directly on the department internal LAN, because it might be the only way to use the internal department printers not connected to eduPrint.

When that is the case, the following information is needed to be put in the inventory. Please send the answers in a mail (in the body (text) of the mail not as an attachment) to

  1. Full name of user and e-mail address
  2. Research group leader
  3. Serial number
  4. Computer name (hostname - what you are calling the computer)
  5. Computer manufacturer and model
  6. Operating system (Windows 10, macOS 10.12.6, Ubuntu 17.04 etc)
  7. Procurement date
  8. Name of anti-virus software (if any)
  9. Current firewall settings - enabled or disabled or something else? (Are there any open services on the computer? Please close any file shares, printers and similar services that are not needed and keep a password on those that must be open. No anonymous guest login should be possible for the services on the the computer.)
  10. Computer MAC-address on the LAN port
  11. Has the computer installed the latest updates for the operating system (Windows, macOS, Ubuntu etc) and major applications (Microsoft Office, Firefox, Google Chrome, anti-virus etc)?

The information is needed because the security division at Uppsala University must be able to trace security incidents, virus and similar activity. The university rules require every computer to run adequate anti-virus software. We also need too know if too old and insecure operating systems are being used (Windows XP) and who we should contact if there are any questions.

When the computer is registered it can be used on any network socket connected to the department network.

How to find some of this in Windows (type in command line)

  1. wmic csproduct get IdentifyingNumber
  2. hostname
  3. wmic csproduct get name
  1. getmac
    ipconfig /all (find the physical address for the ethernet adapter)

How to find some of this in macOS (type in command line)

  1. ioreg -l | grep IOPlatformSerialNumber (Also see How do I find the serial number on macOS? )
  2. hostname
  3. sysctl hw.model
  4. sw_vers -productVersion
  1. ifconfig en0 | grep ether


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