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What software applications do the university have that I can install?
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How do I lookup LDAP or Active Directory via command line on Mac and Linux?

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94. Are there any desktop phones using the mobile network?

The costs for wired analog telephones are increasing compared to mobile phones. The cost for moving a mobile phone is obviously a lot smaller than for a wired phone.

Please read the pricelist for phone services at the university (in Swedish).

We have found two models of desktop phones that use the mobile telephone network (3G/UMTS)which can be bought via the university. (2018-09-11)

Do also consider a cheap and simple mobile phone for each employee.

  • Huawei F617-20 Desktop Phone Generic 818 SEK (2018-09-11)

  • Jablocom Essence Desktop Phone 1580 SEK (2018-09-11)

    Here are the same kind of mobile desktop phones at Dustin

    Please note, we cannot buy from phones from Dustin.


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