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132. How do I merge PDF documents with PDF-Xchange in Windows?

  1. Install PDF-Xchange PRO via the ZENworks Application Window:

  2. Wait for it to install.

  3. Opening the Zenworks Progress window by right clicking on the ZENworks icon in the mini-taskbar show the installation progress. This is optional.

  4. PDF-XChange will launch directly when installation is done. It will ask you if you want to use it as a default PDF application. You can do that, but it is optional.

  5. Start from the menu File (Fil) - New document (Nytt dokument) - Combine Files into a single PDF...

  6. Pick Add Files (Lägg till filer...). You can choose several at the same time.

  7. Press OK. You now have the new document in PDF-Xchange.
  8. Click the Save icon or Save as... (Spara som...) in the menu.

  9. Pick a name and click Save (Spara). The documents should now be merged in the new file.
  10. Done!

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