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How do I process orders using shopping carts in produktwebben?
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190. How do I order computer accessories and peripherals?

See also: How do I buy a new computer?
See also: My computer was stolen! What should I do?
See also: How do I process orders using shopping carts in produktwebben?
  1. First check with your department Local IT (this may be (and of course your supervisor if applicable) to make sure you are following the procedures at your department and research group.

  2. If you are the unsure of what to buy, ask your Local IT.

  3. If you know what you are doing, proceed. Otherwise ask for help.

  4. You have to know the reference to use when ordering. If you do not know this talk to your supervisor.

  5. Go to Uppsala universitets Produktwebb.

  6. Find what you want. To follow the rules of government procurement you have to buy the cheapest one that fulfill your requirements.

    Everything in Produktwebben is a not good choise just because it is there. For example with computers, your IT-support usually has a list of models that have been tested and is preferred. Read more about this in the FAQ about How do I buy a new computer.

  7. Place the order or get help with ordering.


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