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67. There is no wired network here - what to do?

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Is your room running out of network sockets? Here are your options.

This usually happens when a room was planned for less persons than currently are using it.

  • Use the wireless network
    This may not be an option because of low bandwidth and coverage. The wired network is usually more reliable than the wireless.
  • Use a long cable
    Figure out where the closest wired network socket is located and use a long cable. Do not do this excessively - try to keep the network cables in the same room.
  • Split the network socket
    It is possible to split a network socket (8 wires) into two (with 4 wires). This only works for fast ethernet (which is only using 4 wires) and not gigabit ethernet (which is using 8 wires). (The network connection has to be splitted both in the cross connect cabinet and at the network socket.)
  • Get a small switch
    We usually do not prefer a lot of small switches around in the building since the network will be quite messy to find problems in. But using switches on the desk where a single person or desk is using the switch and is aware of that the switch exists is usually fine. Do not use long cables from desktop switches to another desk.
  • Order a new socket
    A new double network socket costs around 3000 SEK but cheaper when ordering more at the same time.


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