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89. How do I mount an ISO and install MATLAB in Linux?

See also: I would like MATLAB on my computer please!

This has been tested in Ubuntu 18.04.

  1. Download the ISOs:

    $ wget ... $ wget ...

  2. Mount the ISO with disc1 on the /mnt directory:

    $ sudo mount -o loop R2018a_glnxa64_dvd1.iso /mnt

    The mount will warn you that this is a read-only image but that as it should be. This is a ISO 9660 file system built for being used read only on optic media.

  3. Navigate to that file system:

    $ cd /mnt

  4. List the files:

    $ ls -la

  5. Run the installation program:

    $ sudo ./install

    You need to download the license file from the Matlab Support Page. Put it in your home directory. When you are asked for the file, navigate to the file in the setup program. You also need to supply the key from the file to the setup program. (Yes it is a a bit strange that both the key and the file is needed, both from the same file.)

  6. After a while the installation program may ask for disc2. Eject the old ISO and mount the new one:

    $ sudo umount -l -f /mnt $ sudo mount -o loop R2018a_glnxa64_dvd2.iso /mnt

  7. Click OK in the setup program to continue installing from disc.
  8. When the installation is complete, start MATLAB with this command:

    $ /usr/local/MATLAB/R2018a/bin/matlab


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