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155. Print using locked print on macOS

See also: Print using locked print on Windows
See also: Print using UserCode for Ubuntu
  1. First you have to make sure you are printing using the driver made for the Ricoh printer. When adding a printer do not use AirPrint but the PostScript driver (the one ending with PS) at the Use: drop down menu.

  2. If you do not have any PostScript driver, you have to download it from Ricoh. The Ricoh homepage is a bit hard to link to, but go to for example enter the model number of the printer and download drivers.
  3. Then, when printing, enter Show details.

  4. In the drop down menu (currently showing Safari since I was printing from Safari) pick Job Log.

  5. In the Job Log settings, change Job Type: to Locked Print.

  6. Enter your settings - your username and a unique password.

  7. Print using these preset settings.
  8. Go to printer and enter the password to get the printer to print.


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