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Print using UserCode for Ubuntu

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182. How to create a local Windows user

  1. You need to be local administrator on the computer for this to work. If you are not then contact for help.

    Please note local accounts with local files will not be backed up!

  2. Start computer management:

  3. Go to System Tools and Local Users and Groups and create a New User...

  4. Enter the details. Use a password with more than 10 characters.

  5. Now the user is created.

  6. Opening Properties for the user and add the user to the local group Administrators:

  7. Find the administrators group by typing administrators, press Check Names and then confirm with OK.

  8. It should look like this - the user is member of the local administrators group:

  9. Logout and login with .\labuser (Not the .\ in the beginning so it is a local login and not a Windows-domain user) and the new password.


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