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27. Is Java free or do I need a license?

Clarification from the IT department regarding terms and licensing of Oracle Java

Information from the university license department

Inventory and registration of Oracle Java licenses

Oracle has announced that from January 2019, support and updates of Java 8 SE for "non General Purpose" are not provided free of charge. If Java has been downloaded from, the license terms have been accepted and installation is associated with a license fee. Oracle intends to carry out audits regarding Java utilization and it is important to acquire and register the required number of licenses for the installations concerned in order to avoid costly fines.

Registration is made in the university central license register,, by the institution's license manager/equivalent. For further information on licensing Oracle Java see also:

The registration must be completed before 2019-06-30, after which the possibility of registration is closed and a total purchase is made for the entire university of the total number of registered licenses. The license form is annual license subscription, the purchase of a license for part of the year is not allowed and the subscription period applies to the entire university. License costs are allocated per respective institution/equivalent.

If Oracle Java can be replaced by free products, this should be done. NB - if this has already been done after 2019-01-01, a license must still be registered.

Questions regarding inventory of installed software, versions, alternatives to Oracle Java etc are sent to

Questions about license registration are sent to


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