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112. What is my IP-address and MAC-address?

The easiest way to see what IP your computer or phone is currently using when contacting Internet is to go to a web page that displays it.

How to look up the local IP-address on different operating systems:

Your local IP-address may be translated into another external IP-address over a router using NAT (network address translation).

  1. macOS
  2. Linux
  3. Windows

1. macOS

On a Mac this is also displayed in System Preferences:

  1. Open the Network tab in System Preferences and go to active interface to see the IP-address. Example

  2. Open Advanced. The IP-address is displayed again.

  3. Check MAC-address in Advanced. Example a8:20:66:19:5b:b8

2. Linux

For Linux (or macOS) open a terminal and type ifconfig.

3. Windows

For Windows, open a command window and type ipconfig /all

Example: IP-address is and MAC-address is 08:00:27:27:06:ad

The command getmac also display the currently used MAC-address.

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