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176. Why use the university central storage (HNAS)?

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The department’s user documents should be stored in a central storage, preferably the Uppsala University IT department storage (HNAS), which has routines for backup with snapshots (snapshots of how a folder looks at a certain time). The snapshot feature saves old versions of files so that all users can retrieve them if need arises. They are stored every fifteen minutes for an hour, every hour for a day and every month for two months.

In addition to high security, it also means that you do not need to plan for your own separate system's lif ecycle and perform upgrades of the system. If needed, the central IT department will take care of it, and you can be assured that your documents will be taken care of, in case of any migration to a new system.

In the central storage there will be a personal file space created, where the user stores his/her documents. The file space can then be accessed from another computer, from within the university or from outside via a VPN connection. The permissions of the personal file space is controlled by the user's user account at the university. Of course, common file spaces can also be created. The permissions for a common file area is controlled by a user's membership of university groups.

The cost of the central storage depends on how much that is stored and it is paid by the department, which then in turn can distribute the cost further. Storage on HNAS costs 7000 SEK/TB/year (2017-06-21).

A secure storage should have high availability and reliability. In addition to this, in the light of recent alarms of "Ransomware" that can encrypt a computer's files and even spread to connected common file areas, it is very important to use backup with snapshots to be able to recover files. HNAS meets these criteria, and by using a central storage as HNAS for your documents, you also protect your backed up data from theft or destruction of another kind (e.g. fire and liquids) when traveling.

Default snapshot time schedule for HNAS (2017-06-21):


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