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82. What about the GDPR?

Read more about information security at the security division at Uppsala University.

In this FAQ we have put the following symbol as a information security classifier. This is Konfidentialitet (Confidentiality), Riktighet (correctness), Tillgänglighet (availability) according to the SS-ISO/IEC 27001.

The lowest value is 0 and the highest is 3.

Please note that lowest value in the different other systems that a service is depending on gives the final grade of that value. Even if for example the UUIT VMware has level 333 the service (operating system and system administration) running in that environment may have a lower value.

At Uppsala Universty a fourth number has also been added representing Avbrottsskydd (interrupt protection). (Riktlinjer för informationssäkerhet UFV 2012/714 ). We need to find out if this is still in use or not.

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