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156. After my employment at the university has finished, may I keep my old e-mail address?

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In general your e-mail address will be removed when your employment is ended at the university.

If you want to keep your address a bit longer you must change the settings for you in the university catalogue.

There are as far as we know three ways of doing this:

  1. Contact the catalogue responsible person at the department. Increase the end date for employment in the catalogue AKKA. This will not make the person employed for a longer time, it is just affecting the catalogue (and e-mail address).
  2. Contact the head of department to get permission. Then get help from IT-division to increase the end date for employment in the catalogue AKKA.
  3. The person can also change status from being employed to other active and also have an end date put into the future. This is done by responsible for the catalogue at the department.


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