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39. How do I print on EduPrint with LPD on Windows 10?

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See also: How do I print to eduPrint using LPD on macOS?

This solution pick the LPD username from the Windows user. You must use the same username on your Windows computer as the account you are trying to print to in EduPrint. Sorry about that, but I have not find any workaround for using local accounts with other names.

  1. Start the Control Panel

  2. Enter View devices and printers

  3. Enter Add a printer

  4. Pick The printer that I want isn't listed

  5. Pick Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings and then Next

  6. Pick Create a new port: followed by Standard TCP/IP port and then Next.

  7. Enter as the Hostname or IP address and for example EduPrint LPD as the name

  8. Wait a moment for Windows to time out while detecting ports.

  9. Pick Custom and enter Settings...

  10. Pick the Protocol LPR and then enter the Queue Name eduPrint-UU, check the option LPR Byte Counting Enabled and proceed with OK

  11. Proceed with Next.

  12. Choose the manufacturer RICOH and the Printer PS Driver for Universal Print and Next.

  13. This computer already have the driver so in this case just go Next.

  14. Name the printer for example EduPrint LPD
  15. Do not share the printer and proceed with Next

  16. Yoy may please Print a test page and then Finish.

  17. If everything works fine you should now be able to enter EduPrint on the web at your job should show up.

  18. This is how the new printer looks like when following this instruction.


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