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How do I print to eduPrint using SMB on macOS?

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37. How do I print to eduPrint using LPD on macOS?

See also: How do I print on EduPrint with LPD on Windows 10?
See also:
See also: How do I print to eduPrint using SMB on macOS?

This is a workaround for clean LPD printing to eduPrint using a PPD on MacOS. This method is not supported so use the standard method described here at Medarbetarportalen first. The method will stop working eventually as a generic method. It may be allowed for servers using specific IPs.

  1. Download PPD. Use this eduPrint_UU_Mac_RICOH_MP_C5504ex_CMYK.ppd for default colour print or the eduPrint_UU_Mac_RICOH_MP_C5504ex_Black.ppd for default black and white default.
  2. Create the queue on the computer with the following command. Please replace USERNAME with your user name at the university. Please replace the path to the PPD to the location where you downloaded it and the correct file name.

    sudo lpadmin -p eduPrint-UU-LPD -v lpd:// -P ~/Downloads/eduPrint_UU_Mac_RICOH_MP_C5504ex_CMYK.ppd -u allow:all -o printer-is-shared=false -E

  3. Try again and print to the eduPrint-UU-LPD queue.


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