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121. Installation of eduPrint in Mac OSX

How to install eduPrint on a non-standard Mac

Standard installed Macs from BMC-IT already have an eduPrint queue installed.

Prereqisites for this manual installation:

  1. Connected using eduroam wireless or by wired BMC-connection.
  2. You must have local admin access on your computer.
  3. You must have an active AKKA account (employee or student).

Install Ricoh driver

  1. Download the driver from:
  2. Install the downloaded “Ricoh_PS_Printers_Vol4_EXP_LIO_Driver.pkg”-file.

Install the print client

  1. Download the client from:
  2. Install the downloaded “eduPrint-Mac-Black.pkg”-file.
  3. During installation, select “eduPrint via PaperCut-klient”:
  4. When prompted for login credentials for PaperCut, use your and password A. Check “Remember my identity”.

How to print

  1. Use the “Public-UU” print queue. Fill in your AKKA and password A in the login box that appears:


  1. If you do not get a login box when you print, then the PaperCut client may have stopped. Restart the PaperCut client. Click Spotlight, search by entering "PCClient" and start the client. The login box will appear.
  2. Another way to start the client is to logout and login to the computer.
  3. The PaperCut client must be running when printing.
  4. If you don’t know how to use the printer, call Helpdesk 4400.
  5. If there are a hardware problem with the printer, call Ricoh 020-734 734.
  6. Go to to read user guides and get info about current issues.

Uninstallation of the client

  1. Download the uninstall package from:
  2. Install the downloaded “eduPrint-Mac-PCClient-uninstall_signed.pkg”-file if you want to uninstall the PaperCut client.


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