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How do I set up eduPrint for a Linux server?

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25. How do I access my scans for eduPrint in Linux?

See also: How do I set up eduPrint for a Linux server?

Where are the scans stored

The DFS-path to the directory where your scans are stored is smb:// This path works fine in macOS but may or may not work in Linux. An alterantive path is smb://$/USERNAME. This path may change in the future, but for the moment (2017-12-01) it works.

At 2017-12-11 also the host exists but is hard to mount in Linux.

How to access them in Linux

Use smbclient to access your directory. But use your own username instead of mine. smbclient works like a very old school FTP-client if you remember those. It may be convenient because it is all in userspace.

smbclient -W USER -U jny25782 '//$/jny25782'

Works too:

smbclient -W USER -U jny25782 -I '///eduprintscan$/jny25782'

Or mount directly on the command line like this. Use your own username and password.

mount -t cifs -o username=jny25782,password=PASSWORDA,domain=user '//$/jny25782' /mnt/

You may exclude your password and be prompted instead. This works in Scientific Linux 6 (compatible with RHEL6) and CentOS 7 (compatible with RHEL7).

mount -t cifs -o username=jny25782,domain=user '//$/jny25782' /mnt/

The default settings in Ubuntu 17.10 do not work. Try SMB version 2.1 like this:

mount -t cifs -o username=jny25782,domain=user,vers=2.1 '//$/jny25782' /mnt/


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