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We have a server, where should we put it?

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53. How do I connect to a file server via SMB on macOS?

See also: How do I mount my home directory or shared storage at HNAS?
See also: How do I install anti-virus software on macOS?
See also: How do I access PCFS over SMB using smbclient?
  1. In the Finder, choose connect to server... from the menu.
  2. Enter server name and name of the share, in this example smb://
    Learn about server name and path to your home directory or shared storage at "HNAS" above.

  3. Enter the Windows-domain USER, your username and your password A

    Problem and workaround with AD-connected macOS connecting to HNAS on some shares

    We have with macOS 10.12.6 had problems connecting to the HNAS service that he university in November 2017. By ignoring the Active Directory Kerberos but instead using old-school password maybe the problem go away. The way of fooling the Mac is to connect to the IP instead. Like this

    $ host is an alias for has address $

Another possible solution for this is to try using cifs instead of smb.

Just replace smb with cifs in the path. Read more about Cifs and SMB at Wikipedia.

Using the command line

Here are a few examples on how to mount on the command line

mkdir ~/Desktop/account mount_smbfs //user;$/account ~/Desktop/account

/usr/bin/osascript -e "try" -e "mount volume \"smb://\"" -e "end try"

mkdir ~/Desktop/account open "smb://"


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